Welcome To Your Doom!

What’s up folks. Justin and Atul have taken some time off of recording but are back at it! The boys wanted to take an episode to just catch up on mic. The harbingers discuss a bunch of topics ranging from the Raptors playoff successes to classic horror films.

Common Good Brewing

The beer the harbingers are drinking for the episode is from Common Good Brewing. Though Justin makes a couple jokes at their expense, their Lager and Pilsner were pretty damn good and are definitely recommended.

Check out their website here, and join us for a pint!

All The Other Goodies

The harbingers discuss a bunch of other things they recommend you check out, so here’s a few links for them.

  • Love, Death, and Robots Netflix Series – An excellent anthology series with amazing shorts that provide various animated experiences.
  • Shock Waves Podcast – A podcast that discusses Horror by Blumhouse. Justin and Atul discuss the show as well as the resurgence of one Joe Bob Briggs.
  • Corridor Crew: VFX Artists React to… YouTube Channel – A group of knowledgable and funny VFX artists that discuss and react to various quality CG in films.
  • Post Mortem with Mick Garris Podcast – Another podcast heavily influenced by the horror genre. Mick Garris sits down with guests to discuss all matters of frightening topics


…That is all…

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