F****ing Hellboy is F****ing Back Mother F****er

Hellboy is back and 100% more R-Rated than last time. The big red monkey is now played by David Harbour of Stranger Things fame. Hellboy (2019) definitely wants you to know it’s rated R from the very first shot.

Recent reports have come out, conveniently after the review embargo was lifted and the critics have not been kind, revealing that there was some production troubles behind the scene. So, seems like people are playing the blame game. One thing we know is that Justin and Atul generally didn’t enjoy the film either. There are certainly some redeeming qualities, but overall it’s sloppily edited, overly acted, and obnoxiously loud. It prioritizes shock-value-rated-R tropes over character arcs and narrative.

That being said, there are still some redeeming qualities for the film, so check out the episode and the film. Let us know your comments!


Grab His Staff and Say His Name…

April is upon us! That means blockbuster season has officially kicked off kids. Well, there is none better to kick it off than the artist formerly known as Captain Marvel, Shazam!

The harbingers got to see Shazam on opening night, and it was a unique experience. The film was good, and certainly had a different feel to it that most superhero films we’ve seen in the past. Overall, Shazam is sure to please most audiences, young and old.

The film boasts strong performances from both the younger and older members of the cast. Zachary Levi stands out as the man-child that is Shazam. He manages to find a strong balance between a kid who is in over his head, trapped in a man’s body, and a good hearted hero. Kudos to you, Mr. Levi.

Put on a Happy Face

Before jumping into the episode, we had to talk about the brand new Joker trailer. The upcoming film with the titular character portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix is set to release in October of this year. It certainly looks like a unique take on the character. How it fits in with the broader DC Universe, if at all, remains to be seen. However this one shakes out, though, will certainly be an interesting experiment by Warner Brothers and DC to experiment with different interpretations of their extensive roster of characters.


We’d put 10 on it

Jordan Peele’s Us is the sophomore film for the young director. The harbingers saw Us opening weekend, but the podcast recording was delayed. They just couldn’t process all of the feels to be able to put together an episode on time.

However, now they have and this is it. Jordan Peele’s Us clearly has its own unique voice and message. Whether Justin and Atul are smart enough to pick up on them is up for debate.

But hopefully things make enough sense to you, dear listener. Enjoy the episode!

Upcoming Episodes

Be on the lookout for more frequent episodes dropping on Mondays throughout April. We have lots of new films to cover between Shazam, Pet Cemetery, Hellboy, EndGame, etc. Needless to say, it’s going to be a busy month.