The Death of Superman

Spoiler Alert – Superman Dies

Atul, Justin, and special guest star Mike discuss the latest DC Animated Universe film The Death of Superman. The film is an adaptation of the comic arc from 1993 of the same name. The book introduced the character Doomsday, a bone ridden version of the hulk. Superman and Doomsday war throughout several cities, culminating the final (?) encounter in Metropolis. The books were one of DC’s most successful selling runs. But does the film do it justice?

Given the source materials short length, the film The Death of Superman is a tight adaptation at 81 minutes. The pacing of the film is great, and it’s a good addition to the DCAU. This film will be followed up with The Reign of the Supermen which catalogs Superman’s eventual return.

DC Animated Universe

DC’s animated adventures are consistently at a high quality, and this film is no different. The animation and fight choreography are top notch in The Death of Superman, and many of their other films. If you have not been keeping track of their films,  you definitely should. They are always short films (80 to 90 minutes) and pack in enough action and character moments to keep the viewer entertained.

Note that some of the films are not necessarily for children. For instance, Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay is absolutely NOT a movie to watch with little ones.

Sweet Baby Darkseid!

The harbingers take on the DC Crossover miniseries Dark Nights: Metal. Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo team up again to deliver a very confusing story. Dark Nights: Metal suffers from the need for the tie-in issues and doesn’t stand well on its own. The harbingers go into more detail in the episode.

Dark Nights: Metal catalogs the story of Batman investigating the mystery of strange metals on Earth. As a result, he uncovers a conspiracy and unwillingly allows the entity Barbatos to enter their world, along with his legion of nightmare Batmen. The heroes of Earth must work together to prevent this threat from destroying their world, and descending the multiverse into darkness.

Despite the Dark Nights: Metal arc not being cohesive, the one shot tie-in issues are fantastic. Each book details exactly what caused the batman of this elseworld to become evil counterparts of batman and another league member. They are small and self contained stories that are very interesting and, for the most part, well illustrated.

Teen Titans: Whoa

At the time of recording, SDCC had just started and DC had released the hyper-violent Titans trailer. The harbingers discuss this new take on the Teen Titans, and if we like the direction.

Meth Machine

We incorrectly name one of the evil Batmen “The Death Machine”. The name is actually “The Murder Machine” which is better. But is it really better than Justin’s original screw up, “The Mean Machine”?

Atul’s first Sidequest!

In Atul’s very first Sidequest, he discusses the novel N0S4A2 by Joe Hill. He is hoping this will be the first of many sub-ten minute reviews of material that is not a part of the main Welcome to Your Doom show episode series. These can be reviews of video games, movies, comics, novels… It will run the whole gamut. Atul consumes a lot of media and wants to get the word out on some of this stuff! You can check out some of the other written Sidequest entries here!

Hope you guys enjoy and let him know what you thought of the book in the comments below!

Atul finds it very strange to write about himself in the 3rd person.

Atul looks to the sky… and feels some Strange Weather rolling in…