HO! … HO! … HO!

It’s about time to get in the Christmas spirit and Netflix is unleashing a slew of holiday films to assist. Most of them are cut from the same mold however one stands out amongst the others to the harbingers. The Christmas Chronicles starring Kurt Russell as a not-so-jolly St. Nick. Russell’s Santa Clause is cut from a different cloth than his predecessors. He’s fun, endearing, and has a twinkle in his eye and a complex about his weight.

All in all, The Christmas Chronicles is a light and fun romp through several countries and US cities but is 100% carried by Mr. Kringle. When Russell is absent from the picture, the film is less fun/bearable. We don’t think The Christmas Chronicles will make its way on the harbinger’s annual Christmas movie lists, but it was a fun departure from the other content Netflix has been pushing through.

Let’s Not Get Carried Away!

Atul and Justin are playing the hell out of a first person shooter with very limited shooting. The game is Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide and is developed and published by Fatshark. Vermintide is set in the Warhammer universe and occurs just before “The End Times”.

Vermintide is an online coop game that can have up to 4 players playing together through various types of levels. The ultimate goal is take down as many rat-men as possible while staying alive to reach the end. Players can play as one of five characters: the Witch Hunter, the Bright Wizard, the Elf, the Dwarf, or the Soldier. All characters (more or less) are on the side of good and fight tooth and nail against the skaven horde. They are basically the most awesome exterminators in history.

It is an older game, released in 2015 for PC and 2016 for consoles, but has aged quite well. The graphics and sound are all top notch, and Vermintide 2 was released this year for PC and XBox One. The PS4 release date hasn’t been finalized at this time but hopefully it will be soon.

Ales From Beyond the Valles

Our annual pub crawl came and went this year in Roncesvalles in Toronto, and as always it was a blast. We started at 3PM and managed to hit 7 pubs along the way until calling it quits just after midnight. The lineup for the night was as follows:

  • Barque Bar – Smokehouse and bar that serves awesome BBQ and a good selection of beverages.
  • The Dizzy – Gastropub/Sports bar with a light atmosphere and pretty awesome nachos.
  • Round the Horn – Another pub with a sports bar feel, but also has pinball machines in the back and a mean looking patio. It was too cold to go out there and really enjoy the patio, but that’s what next summer is for!
  • Cider House – A more upscale bar/restaurant. Their mulled cider is out of this world and they serve a mean burger.
  • The Local – A really cool spot with plenty of seating, live music, and a good selection of different libations to parch your thirst. The decor is very eclectic and the overall feel of the bar is inviting.
  • Loons Restaraunt – Pretty simple spot where we got to see Atul get hustled on the shuffleboard table by a couple of regulars.
  • Bandit Brewery – Last spot is a foody/beery brewery that Justin has frequented on more than one occasion. Their food is great and they have a great selection of beer that range from ciders to stouts and all that’s in between.

Atul’s art is in full display in the poster/t-shirt design for the occasion. Check it out! Also, a big shout out to Toronto Tees who made the official t-shirts of our outing.

We have a new show called Drinking With Skeletons! Check out the audio for more info.

Where’d the name “Drinking With Skeletons” come from? This panel.


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Happy (Belated) Halloween!

Hey folks! We here at the Welcome To Your Doom Show hope you thoroughly enjoyed your halloween fun this year. Atul and Justin celebrated getting their respective houses all spookified for the small legion of trick-or-treaters that came by.

Justin’s Place – The Night He Came Home

Justin’s home was a more low-tech type of approach than Atul’s. Some cobwebs, a couple pumpkins, gravestones, and a powerful red flood that bathed the house in crimson. There was still one thing missing though. The Shape. Michael Myers. The boogeyman. Justin grabbed his coveralls and mask, and stood idle on his porch daring trick-or-treaters to come ask for a treat.

He doesn’t do jump scares, but when a 6’1″ silent figure looms over you, it tends to get tense.

Atul’s Place – Halloween Come to Life

Atul’s home benefited from a great party that yielded several well carved pumpkins, some light mood lighting, and few projectors. The result, talking, animated pumpkins spinning yarns of halloween’s old, and ghosts and ghouls seemingly aperating within the house’s bay windows.

The integration of technology (speakers, projectors, chromecasts, and Plex) and an eye for the perfect halloween atmosphere created a living, breathing halloween experience for the kids that came to his door.

Haunters: The Art of the Scare

In the spirit of Halloween, Atul and Justin went to The Legends of Horror event at Casa Loma. A large scale classic halloween haunt that takes patrons through a maze of the Castle’s exterior and interior for a grand experience.

This event reminded both of the harbingers of a film Atul talked about in Episode 8.1. The film Haunters: The Art of the Scare debuted at Fantastic Fest in 2017. Directed by Jon Schnitzer, Haunters is an analysis of the immersive world of Halloween Haunts. Events that take you on a scary journey to provoke feelings of dread. The haunts outlined in the film offer varied experiences, and the film’s unbiased coverage is an excellent look into that world. Both from a creator’s perspective, as well as those who want to experience the haunts.

Haunters is available on Netflix now, and you can check out their website for more info, merch, and other goodies. Go to hauntersmovie.com to check it out.

What Are We Drinking?

For this episode we snagged some craft beers from People’s Pint in Toronto. They have a vast selection of different types of beers for all lovers of liquid bread (think about it…). Highly recommend checking their selection out. You can visit their website at peoplespint.com. We were drinking their lager Helles Island, a chai brewed stout called Chai Fighter, and their Diamond Park Mild.