Blade 2

Blade 2, directed by Guillermo Del Toro, is the continuation of the day walker’s story. Where the first film was a relatively grounded story (or at least as grounded as a vampire/vampire hunter story can be) this film dials the scope up to 11.

Atul, Justin, and special guest Antoine continue the Blade series retrospective with Blade 2. A film that everyone loves, but is by no means a perfect film. The harbingers jump in to what they love about this film, a slew of the plot holes, interesting dialog choices, and fashion choices. Overall, this film manages to stand up to the original while not feeling like anything is being rehashed. Blade 2 touches on what made us all love the first film, and introduces ideas that manage to excite. Though, Blade Trinity added new concepts too, and feels different, but not in a good way. More to come on that one soon…

Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out our first episode in the Blade retrospective series.


Blade is arguably the first big Marvel Comics franchise to find a great deal of success on the silver screen. And it was a formative action film for all 3 of us on the podcast. Antoine returns to join Atul and I in talking about the 1998 classic starring Wesley Snipes.

This is the first in our retrospective on the Blade series. Eventually we will also be covering the sequels, both the good one and the bad one. But for now we hope you enjoy our thorough dissection. We dig in pretty deep into the plot, things we liked, things we didn’t, and more.