Halloween Ranked

Ranking Halloween

The harbingers are back and ranking the Halloween franchise from worst to best. Justin takes his best crack at a definitive list to help guide new Halloween goers which movies are worth watching, and which are less so.

We’ve discussed the Halloween franchise at least a few times throughout the course of our podcast, however this is the first time we’ve attempted a ranking. How close did we get? Do you agree or disagree? Hit us back in the comments wherever you’re seeing this.

The Halloween Legacy

The Halloween franchise has taken so many twists and turns over it’s 40+ year legacy. The franchise has changed studios, creative teams, actors, and even villains.

I think the beauty of these films is there is a little something for everyone. Need some classic Horror? Carpenter’s classic has you covered. Something a bit more gritty and visceral? Please consult Mr. Zombie. Do you want something with a hip hop legend in it? THERE ARE 2 OPTIONS!

This franchise truly has something for everyone and if you have yet to take a deep dive into all of the films we encourage you to do so, for better or worse.

Our History with Halloween

We’ve put out content on our takes on some of the various Halloween films so please check out some of our past episodes to hear more nuanced takes on some of these films.

Halloween Ends

In true Welcome To Your Doom Show tradition, we, the harbingers of DOOM bring to you another Halloween movie review 1 year later. Halloween Ends is the epic (?) conclusion to the David Gordon Green timeline of halloween films.

Set 4 years after the events of Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kills, Halloween Ends continues the story of Laurie Strode and Haddonfield. While Laurie has seemingly healed, the wound Michael Myers had left in the town seems to have spread throughout its residents. Most notably, an indirect casualty of the fear and distrust of the past 4 year is Corey Cunningham. An unfortunate accident rendered him a pariah of Haddonfield, and he has lived the past 4 years with that fateful night looming over his head.

Halloween Ends is full of twists and turns, many of which seemed downright random and out of place given the backstory of the previous 2 films in this trilogy. Though, if there is one thing this movie does, is it ends.

Happy October

As many of you must know October is one of our favorite months of the year. The leaves are changing, the weather is cooling, and All Hallows’ Eve is approaching.

Atul and Justin discuss they have been up to this month so far, and what is to come. This includes other movies we’re watching, video games we’re playing, and we discuss a major strain on our relationship.

Halloween Ends?

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