Episode44 SDCC 2019

SDCC 2019

What’s up folks, Justin here. We start off this episode discussing some of the News that’s come out of SDCC 2019 (San Diego Comic Con). We recorded on the Friday so we were missing some pretty big pieces of news that came out on Saturday, but that just gives us content for later!

I lived in LA for almost 6 years, and SDCC was a staple while I was there. Working in the animation industry I was fortunate enough to be eligible for professional credentials. I haven’t gone to one in a few years since returning to Toronto, but reviewing the news and exclusives that come out of the con is always bitter sweet.

Crawl vs. Sharknado?

Atul discusses in high-level detail the film Crawl, and how it’s being compared to the Sharknado films. This results in a rant/debate about the merit of the Sharknado films, and intentionally bad films in general.

John Carpenter: Musician

We close out the episode discussing John Carpenter’s recent expansion into the world of musical performances. Having seen him live, we can both say that it’s a great show, and seeing Mr. Carpenter live playing the keys is a sight to behold. However, he’s no Bach, Mozart, or Beethoven.

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