What’s up doomers, we are back! I think it’s safe to say we’ve taken a bit of time off, but we are getting back to business. I mean, sort of. This was a remote podcast, but we’re hoping to get these back to being in person soon.

In this episode, we get back to the roots of the podcast. We’re talking about some games, some comics, and even some music. Truly, back to business.

In terms of gaming, we talk about a couple of games that Atul has been playing, namely Returnal and Skul the Hero Slayer. In terms of gaming, we also touch a bit on the Evil Dead game coming soon to a console near you.

We also talk about Victor Vran, a top-down RPG-style game that is extremely fun but also comes with an Overkill add-on that is completely built around Motorhead and their lead singer, the legendary Lemmy Kilmister. The game is extremely satisfying and provides multiple levels of customization for your character builds. And honestly, a game that just pumps Motorhead tracks at all times can’t be bad.

Another hot topic from the episode is the Street Fighter art of Ricky Baba. Ricky has been producing high-quality 3D content for a long time. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him since my time at Dreamworks where he worked as a surfacing artist and beyond. He’s an extremely talented artist of multiple disciplines and you can see his full spectrum of talents on display in the various renders of the classic Street Fighter 2 characters that we all know and love. You can check out his art here.

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