Move Over Netflix

What’s up doomers! Justin here with a little side quest about the DC Universe service from DC and Warner Brothers. The first audio side quest of our hiatus, with hopefully a few more to come before our next scheduled episode on October 5th.

The DC Universe streaming service is set to release on September 15th 2018 (Batman Day) and is listed to have a lot of awesome content and features. But is it worth the monthly or annual subscription costs? And what content can subscribers expect to see?

Justin goes over the high level features and titles included in the service and discusses the content that has him most excited.

Atul and Justin discussed the trailer for the first exclusive series titans in Episode 24, so check that out for their thoughts on that. has an excellent video outlining the detailed features. Check out their demo as well if you want more info.

We hope you enjoy, and we’ll see you back on October 5th with a full episode!

Also, apologies for the crummy thumbnail. A newer, prettier one is coming soon. No Photoshop at the moment.

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