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Just in time for the Holidays comes a rousing adventure film that takes a hero on a quest across the globe to find an ancient artifact. No, Indiana Jones hasn’t returned, the film is Aquaman. The newest film in the DC Extended Universe, Aquaman stars Jason Momoa and Amber Heard.

Director James Wan of “The Conjuring” fame brings a large scale world to life in a 2.5 hour adventure. Aquaman does not just expand on the Atlantis mythos introduce in Justice League, but completely introduces brand new environments, characters, and cultures. The movie is certainly dense, but given the exceptional pacing it keeps moving and seldom leaves the audience bored.

Aquaman Haka

During the episode, we discuss the Haka Jason Momoa and friends have been performing during the press tour. Haka is a form of posture dance from Māori culture. The dance serves several functions in Māori culture, however the most popular example is when New Zealand Sports teams perform before a game. The performances are intense and opponents can be caught off guard if they are not expecting it (see Team USA’s reaction below).

Happy Holidays

The holiday season is now upon us and Atul and Justin would like to extend warm wishes and hopes for an excellent 2019. We’ll be back next year with more episodes, content, and DOOM!


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